Friday, November 15, 2013

Handy bash and vim tips that I've used from time to time

1. Copying files while retaining their directory structure
find ~dir1/ -name "*.mat" | xargs -I{} cp {} ~/<destination>
The directory structure below ~dir1/ where the *.mat files are found are copied to <destination> retaining the structure
2. Scp-ing only a set of files from multiple directories (using find and then scp-ing those files out retaining directory structure
find -name "*.mat" -print0 | tar --null --no-recursion -czf archive.tar.gz --files-from -

1. To comment or uncomment a block of code
ctrl+v --> select your block of code --> :norm I# (inserts a # in front of each line) or :norm ^x (removes the first character from each line in the selected block)

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