Monday, March 14, 2011


For the last year and a half, I've been subscribed to a marvelous set of podcasts that i religiously follow. In case, my laptop ever crashes for no given reason or I quit my current place of work (yay!) and so have to give up my mac, on whose iTunes I'm currently subscribed or if a giant meteorite should happen to destroy well....something anyway, here's a record of my favourite podcasts :
  1. Stuff you should know (
  2. The Naked Scientists (
  3. From our own correspondent (
  4. Brain Stuff (
  5. 60 second Earth and 60 second Science ( and
  6. A point of view (
  7. The science of everything (
  8. Quirks and Quarks (
And here are the podcasts that I wish never died a slow death :'( I miss you guys...please come back!!!
  1. The Thought experiment (
  2. Discovery Friday news feedbag

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